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Fully Virtual Conference Production for Nonprofit Institute

One of the recurring events we have produced is with the Nonprofit Institute housed under the University of San Diego. Since 2020 we have partnered with NPI to produce the organization's biannual Symposiums in a fully virtual setting.

These events consist of a general session and breakout rooms, with a combination of presentations and panel discussions in each session. Unlike similar events which are produced in Zoom, our platform allows for seamless transitions between a multitude of content including, but not limited to:

Sessions with presentations allowed for dynamic transitions between camera and content.

PowerPoint, video playback, polling, and live interviews with remote callers, all in a fully customized and branded environment. This elevates the viewer experience, as it allows for content to be displayed in a dynamic environment without the clunkiness of screen-sharing and pinning/unpinning guests.

Panels ranged from 3-8 participants with seamless transitions to and from individual speakers throughout.

Another key feature of our work with NPI is building a customized landing page for the event. Not only does this enhance the virtual event experience, but it allows for ease of transition for audience members between breakout rooms and sessions. As you can see in the images below, the page is fully branded and can be customized to include any information and links your program would like to share with viewers.

Event Homepage with links to general and breakout sessions and accompanying event schedule.
Each track has its own subpage with viewer chat & full track schedule with links to supplementary materials.


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